We have opened up the house to host your events on or off-site.



Catering Menu

Serves 10-12

Buffalo Chicken Dip Party Size 34.95
Cheesesteak or Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Eggrolls 39.95
Served with Ranch or Blue Cheese 12” tray
Coconut Shrimp 45.95
Served with marmalade dippin sauce 12”tray
Chicken Fingers with Fries 39.95
Comes with honey mustard and BBQ
Pepperoni, Cheese & Crackers 39.95
Comes with mustard and crackers

All wings and bites are served with with blue cheese and celery.
Extras incur additional charges. Additional Nugget sauce is $2.95 per side

Nugget Wings (half pan) 34.95
Serves 10-12 ~ 40 wing. Comes with blue cheese and celery
Nugget Wings (full pan) 89.95
Serves 35 ~ 100 wing. Comes with blue cheese and celery
Nugget Bites 12” Tray 59.95
Serves 10-12
Hoagie Tray ~ Ham and Cheese, Tuna, Turkey 39.95
Served with pickles, peppers and mayo. Serves 15
Sausage, Pepper & Onion 39.95
Served with Rolls. Serves 10-12
Hot Roast Beef or Pork 39.95
Served with Provolone, horseradish and Rolls. Serves 10-12
Ask for Long Hots!
Meatballs and Gravy 39.95
Served with Rolls. Serves 10-12
Chicken Parmesean 59.95
Serves 10-12
Baked Ziti 59.95
Serves 10-12

Served with your choice of Dressings:
Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian or Thousand Island

House Salad 34.95
Serves 10-12
Caesar Salad 39.95
Serves 10-12
Add Grilled Chicken additional 19.95

Serves 10-12

Cole Slaw 29.95
Potato Salad 34.95
Macaroni Salad 34.95
Baked Beans 34.95
Green Beans 34.95
Grilled Vegetables 34.95
Rice Pilaf 29.95
Roasted Potatoes 34.95
The Coal Miner’s Daughter 12.95 Per Person
Choose 2 Appetizers or Beginners and 2 Main Entrees. Serves 10 People
Porky’s Pit’s 14.95 Per Person
Choose 2 Appetizers or Beginners, 3 Main Entrees and 2 Sides. Serves 20 People
The Gold Mine 16.95 Per Person
Choose 3 Appetizers or Beginners, 3 Main Entrees and 3 Sides. Serves 30 People
Add any of our Salads to your package!
10-12 guests 25 lb pig
20-30 guests 40 lb pig
35-45 guests 60 lb pig
60-65 guests 80 lb pig
80-90 guests 100 lb pig
120-130 guests 130 lb pig
12-30lbs $30 + $5.30 per lb
31-40lbs $30 + $5.00 per lb
41-50lbs $30 + $4.59 per lb
51-60lbs $30 + $4.00 per lb
61-70lbs $30 + $3.75 per lb
71-80lbs $30 + $3.70 per lb
81-90lbs $30 + $3.50 per lb
91-100lbs $30 + $3.40 per lb
101-110lbs $30 + $3.35 per lb
111-120lbs $30 + $3.25 per lb
121-130lbs $30 + $3.15 per lb
140-130lbs $30 + $3.10 per lb
141lbs and up $30 + $3.00 per lb

We can customize any menu to suit your celebrations needs.
Festivals and large events can also be booked!
Book our famous Wing Wagon!
Let us take over and you can enjoy your event from start to finish!

Staffing such as bartending, servers, staff, cakes and desserts, chafing pans, linens, florals, photography, photo booth, custom decor and flair are priced per event and based on individual needs. Golden Nugget and “The Deck” aim to be your destination for your rustic, or vintage and elegant venue for your large or small events. Our turn of the century, newly renovated tavern established in 1956, family owned and operated, located on two plus acres, in beautiful rural Winslow Township.
During the season our fire-pit and game area lends to a casual, fun time that creates memories for years to come! “The Deck” can be transformed into any style wedding/party venue from country BBQ to a sit-down dinner. For that extra special occasion, catering and event
planning can be arranged with Jackie and her staff for a event YOU can be a guest at. Catering with style and care!